About Karla Pearce

  Visual Artist Karla Pearce graduated from  Alberta College of Art and Design as a drawing major and then later studied English at the University of Calgary and Computer Technology at The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary Alberta. 

Karla Pearce is a visual artist. Her main medium is painting but like many artists Pearce workes in a multitude of other creative mediums. She has worked as a muralist, painter, teacher, author, publisher, producer, screenwriter, TV Presenter Art Gallery owner and Market Manager.

Karla Pearce has had her paintings shown in many commercial and public galleries throughout Western Canada, some of these are; The Edmonton Art Gallery, Alternator Gallery - Kelowna, Truck artist Run Centre - Calgary, Grand Forks Art Gallery, the Nelson Museum and the Castlegar Museum. She received a great deal of public recognition and public grants for her paintings and work with children. 

In 2008 Pearce opened the Creative Edge Art Gallery in Castlegar. There she sold her paintings and opened a teaching studio. Pearce also taught art classes for Selkirk College and the Kootenay Boundry Regional District.

Pearce has also done a great deal of volunteer work over the years with children and has completed many public murals. Her mural accomplishments are, Blueberry School Castlegar, Winlaw Elementary School, Trail's Memorial arena, Rosemont Elementary in Nelson, Nelson Civic Centre and Central School. All projects Pearce completed the work with local children. 

Karla Pearce has published three books “Anise and the Magic Fish” which she wrote and illustrated, and Art of the Kootenays, a hardcover coffee table book that features the artwork of 56 Kootenay artists and Kitty Cat Colouring Book. 

Pearce started writing an arts column in 2004, The Creative Edge, which was published in The Nelson Daily News, the Trail Daily Times, Kootenay Carnival Magazine, The Castlegar News, Some Kootenay Arts Talk and was published in  Kamloops This Week until 2017. 

Karla Pearce produced a radio arts feature for BKRadio, for four years as well as a TV feature The Creative Edge on Shaw TV. Pearce also published a magazine called SKAT (Some Kootenay Arts Talk) in the West Kootenays 2003-2011.

In 2011 Pearce moved to Kamloops BC with her husband and 3 children and opened up the Karla Pearce Art Gallery where she taught art classes, painting restoration and sold her artwork. 

From 2011 to 2014 Karla Pearce produced and hosted a television series, Creating With Karla Pearce which aired on Shaw TV and CFJCTV and the City TV Network. In the series, Pearce engaged local artists and individuals in lively discussions, demonstrations and speaks about creativity.

After closing the Karla Pearce art gallery, in 2015 Pearce began creating jewellery for the farmers' markets. From 2016 to 2018 Pearce managed the Kamloops Artisan Market. The market would pop up in various locations seasonally in Kamloops. 

Today Karla Pearce continues with her television work, appearing as a regular artist on CFJCTV Midday Show where she completes paintings live during the broadcast.  

Pearce is also the Art Teacher at Aberdeen Elementary boosting the creativity levels every Wednesday after school. 

Pearce continues to share her knowledge of art through a multitude of mediums, with anyone who wishes to learn. It is her belief that practising art and creativity makes us happier and healthier humans. 

Pearce can be found at Kamloops Farmers Markets selling her painted jewellery and at The Art We Are providing Colour and Tarot readings.


Karla Pearce in her home studio
Castlegar BC, 2005

The Creative Edge Gallery and its members, Castlegar BC, 2008

Karla Pearce standing in front of the Winlaw Mural which she completed with children.

Karla Pearce at her Book signing for Anise and the Magic Fish, at the
Kootenay Art Gallery 

Some Kootenay Art Talk Magazine

Shooting Creating With Karla Pearce on location at Gordon Manson's Farm

Karla Pearce stands in front of her Kamloops Art Gallery 2011

After school art class at the Karla Pearce Art Gallery

Karla Pearce at the Artisan Market

 Aberdeen Elementry Art Club

Tarot Readings at
The Art We Are

Hand Painted Jewellery at
The Kamloops Reginal Farmers Market